Is Virtual Bookkeeping Right For My Business?

Virtual Bookkeeping at YBL Accounting

Virtual bookkeeping is an excellent solution for small or medium business owners who don’t want to keep their books themselves, but who can’t justify hiring an on-site accountant to do the job. Hiring a virtual bookkeeper is essentially the best of both worlds.

However, we know that handing over all of your financial information to an unknown virtual accountant can seem risky and impersonal. That’s why at YBL Accounting, we carefully vet all of our accountants before they are hired and continually reassess their performance, so we can deliver the best possible service to you. These are some characteristics that describe our expert bookkeepers and our services:


We know that you want to be sure you are handing over your financial documents to someone who is trustworthy, ethical, and skilled. That’s why we vet each of our accountants as we mentioned above. We want you to be confident in your decision to hire a virtual bookkeeper.

Readily Available

So many things are available instantly in the United States, whether it’s an Uber to take us quickly where we need to go or the ability to stream a favorite TV show instantly or having a delicious meal delivered in minutes from a local restaurant. With a virtual bookkeeper, you can have the same instant gratification but for your business accounting. We know that as a small business owner, bookkeeping needs may sneak up on you as you deal with the day-to-day tasks of running your business. That’s why we are always readily available to get your bookkeeping tasks done ASAP.


A virtual accountant will help you stay impeccably organized with your finances. Our accountants offer month-end financial reports which provide a key metric for analyzing your cash flow – which is often indicative of the overall health and success of your business. We can also assist with organizational tasks like categorizing financial transactions, reconciling credits and debits, and so forth.

Professionally Certified

Tax laws are very complex, which is why all of our accountants are certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. This means that your virtual bookkeeper will be able to answer all of your questions about what exactly is tax-deductible according to tax law. Obviously, you want to deduct as much as possible, but you don’t want to break the law. Our experts stay informed of the constantly changing laws so you don’t have to spend your valuable time doing the research.


You will be assigned one dedicated YBL Accounting virtual accountant, who will get to know you and your clients, so you don’t have to constantly spend time explaining things to a new person. Your virtual bookkeeper will learn the basics of your business and remember that one customer likes to pay with a credit card while another prefers to pay with an e-check. This saves you time and hassle in the long run, and your accountant will always be on the same page with your business needs.

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