Accounting & Bookeping Services

Accounting Services

Quickbooks Online & Desktop

Our accountants are trained at using everything Quickbooks has too offer. They can effortless do everything from convert Quickbooks desktop to online (and vice versa), to file your monthly/quarterly tax filings, and even provide you with the financial reports you need to grow a successful businesses.

Bookkeeping for Small Business and Large

Are you spending more time in the office doing paperwork? Most small-business owners spend 10 hours a week balancing their books. This takes away from the actual business, which doesn’t result in new revenue for the company. Our bookkeeping team is there for you!

Time Tracking & Scheduling

One of the toughest challenges for owner is how to honestly and accurately track their employees time. The second problem is there is one size fits all solution. For example, how “tech-ready” your employees are will determine which time of process to use: Full online integration to a mixture of old and new techniques. 

Credit Card Processing

Tap & Payment Processing

Cash is no longer king. Now with hygiene more in our minds, contact-less payments have skyrocketed in popularity. Make the shopping experience better for your customer by making it easier to pay at check-out and more hygienic to slow the spread of germs. 

User-Friendly Interface

Change your prices, update your hours, add/remove product, create coupons, create reports, and more with our user-friendly credit processing system. We offer initial on-boarding and continual support to help reduce the burden on switching to a new payment system. 

Integrations with popular apps

Our credit card processor integrates with many of the popular apps and services used by restaurants, eCommerce, cafes, and more! Our fees per transaction are hard to beat, too.

E-Commerce & Delivery Apps

Delivery Your Food or Products

With the digital age prevailing and accelerated with social distancing, getting your product in-front of your customers, the transactions, and the delivery of the products has become a challenge to many traditional brick-and-mortal stores. With foot-traffic down and online shopping up, staying on top of these growing and changing trends in important.

Keep More of Your Hard-Earnd Money

Using the major delivery apps is can be enticing, however, these services pocket 30 percent from your order to give you access to their services and customer-base. Another option is in-house your own delivery systems – just like pizza delivery figured out decades ago.

All Your Bookkeeping Needs

End Time-Consuming Projects

Don’t inundate your employees with one-time projects that are time-consuming. Outsource these projects to us! We’ll get your project done to free up your time to maintain your daily tasks.

Good Website Design & SEO

A website for this century

We don’t need to elaborate here and you know who you are. If your website looks clunky, not secure, slow to load, or has outdated content on it and you can’t change it then it’s time for a website redesign. Our websites are modern in design, fast, and easily edited.

Get Found on Search Engines

Having a up-to-date website is one side of the coin. How it becomes ranked #1 on Google search is the second and not-so-shiny side of the coin business owners forget. To get ranked locally online, we offer our clients retainer SEO services that will drive traffic to their website through the major search engines.

When a potential customer goes to Google and types in “your core service + location” our goal is to put your website at the 1st result. Hire us to drive you more quality traffic.